Tourage Beurre Sec Unsalted

Item #: 8320

Unsalted, cultured butter. 82% butterfat. Perfect format for laminated doughs. Beurre de Tourage Butter, also known as “dry butter”, is dry, unsalted, presented in thin sheets, and designed for folding. It’s made from imported butter from Brittany, with 82% butterfat. Designed to make laminated dough preparations, it's an exceptional butter for puff pastry, croissants, and Danishes. The butter is rolled out and pressed into a thin sheet that’s homogeneous, firm and pliable, exceptionally creamy. All you need to do it layer the butter sheets with your pastry dough, and voila, perfect, flaky, evenly golden pastries .

  • Country: France
  • Size: 5/4.4#
  • Special Order: Yes