San Daniele Black Label Prosciutto

Item #: 8077

Origin: Friuli, Italy Principe's signature item, authentic San Daniele Prosciutto, is renowned throughout the world for its smoothness on the palate, fragrance, sweet taste, and leanness. San Daniele's Black Label is air-dried and cured for over 16 months. The village of San Daniele, located in the province of Friuli in the northeast of Italy, has an ideal microclimate for producing prosciutto (an air-cured meat product): low humidity, excellent ventilation and cool breezes from the foothills of the Alps. The only ingredients in this all-natural product are pork, sea salt and the patience of time.

  • Brand: San Daniele
  • Country: Italy
  • Region: Friuli
  • Size: CW 17#
  • Age: 500 Days