Chimay Vieux Grand Cru

Item #: 2410

Chimay Grand Cru is a semi-hard pressed cheese. The rind is natural, non-colored, without preservatives and slightly flowery. A hard cheese that is matured for at least six months.  It is made from the wholesome milk of the “Chimay Country” that is collected exclusively in the best months.  It has a nutty taste with a hint of bitterness. Covered with forests and pastures and crossed by numerous rivers, the countryside of Chimay has always been a livestock-rearing area, and dairy herds mean cheese! Since 1876, the Trappist monks of Scourmont have known the secrets of making this cheese made from milk from their farm and matured in the vaulted cellars of the abbey.

  • Style: Washed Rind
  • Brand: Chimay
  • Country: Belgium
  • Region: Chimay
  • Size: CW 7.5#
  • Age: 6 - 12 months
  • Texture: Hard
  • Precut Code: 9082