Brie de Nangis

Item #: 26847

Brie is a region of France outside of Paris and cheese produced there is called Brie. Being over 5000 square kilometers in size there are subdivisions of the region and the Brie cheese form. Brie de Nangis hails from the town of Nangis just as Brie de Meaux, perhaps the most famous Brie cheese, comes from the town of Meaux. Most people recognize any white disk of soft yellow cheese as "brie" or "camembert" and they would stand a good chance of identifying Brie de Nangis correctly.
The flavor is buttery and creamy with an earthy, mushroom aroma. When young, it is milky and sweet with just a hint of earthiness and hazelnuts. More pungent over time. Cow’s milk, pasteurized. Suggested wines: Red Burgundy or a Cotes- du- Rhone.

  • Style: Soft-Ripened
  • Brand: Rouzaire
  • Country: France
  • Region: Meaux
  • Size: 2/2.2#
  • Texture: Soft
  • Special Order: Yes