Epoises AOC 1/2 Wheel

Item #: 21271

A washed rind cheese, Époisses (said: E pwoz) is known to have been a favorite of Napoleon. Though popular through the early 20th century, Epoisses faced extinction after WWII. In 1956, M. Berthaut, from the town of Epoisses restarted production of the cheese on his farm. Noted by Brillat Savarin, the famous epicure who had a cheese named after him as well, as being "King of all the cheeses" Epoisses has garnered quite a reputation for itself.

Strong, smelly and absolutely delicious, this cheese melts in your mouth. Rich, salty, sweet.......this cheese is complex and intense.

  • Style: Washed Rind
  • Brand: Germain
  • Country: France
  • Region: Burgundy
  • Size: 6 / 125 GR
  • Texture: Soft