Melkbus #149 Truffle Gouda

Item #: 1294

A new farmstead raw-milk Gouda cheese with shavings of black Italian truffles. Best Cheese Corp. introduces Melkbus Raw Milk Dutch Cheeses. Signifying the farmstead raw milk cheeses made on small family farms outside the city of Gouda, Melkbus cheeses are a symbol of hundreds of years of Dutch cheese making traditions.
'Melkbus' translates to 'Milk Can', which was the container used in earlier times to transport the Dutchfarms’ fresh milk to the creamery for cheese making. Each farm was assigned a number that was stamped on the can and served as its identity. Today, Uniekaas celebrates this process by reviving the stamped milk can tradition and honoring the farms and their numbers in the name of the cheeses.

  • Style: Gouda
  • Brand: Uniekaas
  • Country: Holland
  • Region: Gouda
  • Size: CW 20 #
  • Texture: Firm
  • Raw Milk: Yes