Paulus Beer Cheese

Item #: 1359

A cheese flavoured with beer – that truly is something to savour. Paulus Beer Cheese is produced to an authentic recipe from Gouda, using only the best Dutch milk. They then add a unique beer, made according to the traditional method used at the Paulus Abbey, and ripen the cheese for about eight weeks until the flavour is just right. The result is a fine Dutch Gouda that blends the gentle saltiness of a well-matured cheese with the fresh, slightly bitter fruitiness of Paulus Beer. A cheese that will leave you wanting more.

  • Style: Gouda
  • Country: Holland
  • Region: Utrecht
  • Size: CW 5 #
  • Age: 8 Weeks
  • Texture: Semi-Soft
  • Precut Code: 9189