Caciotta al Tartufo

Item #: 7249

Norcia, a sleepy town in the Umbrian mountains, has always been famous for its black truffles. Giuseppe, our producer, adds these to his Caciotta al Tartufo. A sumptuous blend of cow’s and sheep’s milk aged 60-75 days, it is generously mixed with these quality black truffles. Giuseppe excels at making a superb cheese. While most truffle cheeses are just a bland cheese dressed up with truffle flavor, this one truly stands out. The earthy truffle flavor is nicely balanced by the vibrant tang in this pliable, fluffy cheese. The crème fraiche-like brightness serves as a base for the deeper flavors the mushrooms bring.

  • Country: Italy
  • Region: Umbira
  • Size: CW 6/2#