Castelmagno D.O.P.

Item #: 5499

Castelmagno has been made in the mountains around Cuneo since the twelfth century. Today, its production is regulated through the DOP certification- a European Union legislation aimed to protect the traditional production of certain typical products. The DOP area of Castelmagno is restricted to Cuneo and a few of the nearby towns and villages, making its production quite exclusive and scarce. Only a few cheeses are made every year and let season in humid condition. This creates a rusty-colored mold on the rind, and sometimes for cheeses seasoned for longer than six to eight months the blue veins of mold appear in the white cheese paste, making it more similar to gorgonzola.

  • Country: Italy
  • Region: PIEMONTE
  • Size: CW 13.5#
  • Special Order: Yes