Ragusano D.O.P. latte Crudo

Item #: 5526

This cheese, its name’s literal translation being cheese on horseback, is widely recognized as the symbol of this part of the Sicilian island and a synonym for genuineness. The milk comes from cows that graze in the fields of the iblea zone, collected and treated in small, historical and characteristic masserie, or farms, out of respect for the ancient traditions and prescriptions that have been handed down from generations. The resulting cheese is a true delicacy and delight for more discriminating palates. The Caciocavallo Ragusano method is one of the oldest traditions for cheese making in Sicily. The Cascavaddu (in Sicilian) name can be translated as Cheese astride, and it is believed that the name originates from the old fashioned dryingprocess by which it is made. A cheese with an intense but delicate flavor, with lasting creaminess and detail, Caciocavallo has been exported beyond the borders of the Reign of the two Sicilies since XIV the century. Mention of the commerce of
the Caciocavallo Ragusano can be found in history books: the way Carmelo Trasselli in 1515 tells it, Ferdinand the Catholic and Carl V crammed as much of the aged Ragusano onto their ships as they could, and so it was exported to the greater region of the Mediterranean and transported on the wagons toward the inns as well as the homes of the noble and the notables of the era.

  • Style: Caciocavallo
  • Country: Italy
  • Region: Sicily
  • Size: CW 26#
  • Raw Milk: Yes
  • Special Order: Yes