Emilia Potato Gnocchi

Item #: 7375

Gnocchi (gnocco singular) is a wonderful Italian dumpling that is often classed in with the pasta family, even though it does not technically belong in the pasta family.
Potato Gnocchi by Emilia Brand contains 0g of saturated fat, Trans fat and cholesterol in every 160g (1 cup) serving. But it does contain 550mg of sodium. It is a low fat food and can be enjoyed by people who are watching their weight.

One of the benefits of buying Potato Gnocchi by Emilia Brand is that it does not require refrigeration as soon as you get it home from the shops, as some brands do. It only has to be stored in a cool dry place until you are ready to serve it.

It is very easy to serve Potato Gnocchi by Emilia Brand. The gnocchi is already cooked, which means it just has to be heated through before serving.
Terrific with a variety of sauces, as hearty comforts for fall and winter or light dishes for spring and summer

  • Brand: Emilia
  • Country: Italy
  • Size: 12/500 GR.