Pere Joseph

Item #: 18955

Pere Joseph is an aromatic cheese from Belgium. This gourmet cheese is a popular dessert cheese in Northern Europe. In Belgium, where this cows' milk cheese is made, Pere Joseph is traditionally served with breakfast. It's smooth, semi-firm texture is pleasing to the palate. Sweet, fruity, and fairly mild, it has notes of toasted walnuts, and a lingering, lactic finish. It has a strong aroma, almost as strong as Limburger cheese. This gourmet cheese has a creamy, satiny body that is slightly salty and a bit sharp.

Each wheel of Pere Joseph sits for over a month in a ripening cave before a brown paraffin rind is applied to stem the aging process. Pere Joseph is a cheese that melts well, and adds a lot of flavor to the foods to which you apply it.

  • Country: Belgium
  • Size: CW 2/5 #
  • Age: 1 MONTH +
  • Texture: Firm
  • Special Order: Yes