Black Diamond Sticks

Item #: 2465
UPC: 070153201210

Robert F. Hart began making this fine cheddar in 1933, and Black Diamond was the first Canadian cheddar to have a "brand name." Nearly eight decades later, customers still ask for it by name. Small wonder, since it's so good. The first note on the palate is sweetness from the high-quality milk, and quickly the intense sharpness hits with a distinct acidity. Pale white and a bit flaky, it looks lovely cut into thick slices and laid upon a cheese board. This pack-size contains perfect portions for a self-service retail case or inclusion in a gift basket.

  • Style: Cheddar
  • Brand: Black Diamond
  • Country: Canada
  • Region: Ontario
  • Size: 12/6 OZ
  • Texture: Firm