Champignon Cambozola Blue

Item #: 5660

Rediscover fine cheese with our signature soft-ripened triple-cream Cambozola. This distinctive cheese features delicate blue veining, but is neither blue nor brie. The secret to this cheese’s popularity lies in the rich Bavarian milk used in its production, which lends Cambozola an extraordinary flavor and velvety feel.

This popular cheese is the perfect addition to any cheese plate, or atop a sandwich for an upscale twist. It is well-suited for appetizers, salads, sliced meats and sauces. Cambozola’s name ties this cheese to the history of our Allgäu region: in 300 A.C. there was a settlement in Bavaria called Cambodunum where the art of cheese-making flourished. To honor this settlement we named our cheese Cambozola.

  • Style: Soft-ripened Blue
  • Brand: Champignon
  • Country: Germany
  • Region: Bavaria
  • Size: CW 2/5#
  • Texture: Soft
  • Precut Code: 9131