President French Butter

Item #: 8249

Imported. First quality. Untearable foil. From the heart of Normandy. What gives president butter its full nutty flavor, creamy texture and gold yellow color, making it a must among high quality imported butter? President butter is made in the Normandy region of France. This region is considered as the Grand Cru among French and other European dairy regions, thanks to its oceanic climate and rich grass. The other reason: natural lactic ferments are added to the cream before churning, which enhances the natural flavor of butter. Enjoy President butter on bread or with fresh radish, melted on cooked vegetables or pastas. It is also perfect in pastries, sauces and all sorts of baked and cooked recipes. Made from pasteurized cow's milk.

  • Brand: President
  • Country: France
  • Region: Normandy
  • Size: 20/7 OZ.