Berkel Slicer Model 115

Item #: AFF2

Berkel Flywheel meat slicer model 115 was produced starting from the 50s. In its H version – manual meat slicer –  this machine had been produced since 1980 while the production of the electrical models of such professional meat slicer went on for some more years. Berkel model 115 with pedestal was the last Flywheel meat slicer model realized by the company. It’s not only a simple design meat slicer : this Flywheel meat slicer was defined by the same motherland the ultimate perfect machine, the synthesis of the expertise and know-how of Berkel.

Also, paying attention to its technical solutions, model Berkel 115 is visibly detached    from the company traditional production and it was considered the best Flywheel meat slicer manufactured ever.

With a 370mm diameter blade, it’s perfect for the slicing of massive pieces. Meat slicer Model 115 scrolls in on a bar through a bearing. Also it preserves the conical Flywheel and the “sunk” type sharpener , which were distinctive elements in model 9. Not only this : in this sharpener equipped Flywheel meat slicer all the mechanical movements have totally disappeared and even the meat pusher arm was notably  modified. Esthetically, this professional meat slicer is totally detached from the previous models : it was designed with the most modern drawings, its casing is rounded with well-defined lines, best reflecting the tendencies and style of the historical period of birth of the machine (first half of ‘900).

  • Brand: Berkel
  • Country: Italy