Danish Havarti with Jalapeno

Item #: 1222

Havarti was first developed by a 19th century Danish dairy pioneer named Hanne Nielsen. The cheese was named after Hanne Nielsen's dairy farm: Havarti. Today it is one of the most popular cheeses for snacking and entertaining. Danish Havarti has been popular in the USA for many years. Denmark's Finest® is the original, imported Danish Havarti. It is your guarantee of exceptional quality, consistency and authenticity. Denmark's Finest® Havarti with Jalapeno has a hot and spicy dimension due to the tiny pieces of jalapeno peppers. Denmark's Finest® Havarti with Jalapeno is great for melting over nachos.

  • Style: Havarti
  • Brand: Castello
  • Country: Denmark
  • Size: CW 9 #
  • Texture: Firm