J.P Mmorilla Sherry Vinegar

Item #: 986

Sherry Vinegar is vinegar made from Sherry wine, a wine made from Spanish Palomino white grapes produced in the province of Cadiz, Spain. Known by many as the "King of Vinegars", Sherry Vinegar, or Vinegar de Jerez, was first discovered by accident, when Sherry wines underwent acetic fermentation and turned into vinegar. Today, Sherry Vinegar is aged in the same way the Sherry wine is aged, in the traditional "Solera" method. Sherry Vinegar is aged in oak barrels previously used to store Sherry wines which allow the aroma of Sherry wine to permeate the vinegar. The maturation process ensures that the finished product is a mixture of vinegars that are several different ages. Oxygen and fresh air are imperative to produce vinegar that is deep in color and complex in flavor and aroma.
Consejo Regular del Vino y Brandy de Jerez, a Council that regulates the production of Jerez wine and brandy, also regulates the production of Sherry Vinegar. Sherry Vinegar must be aged in oak wood for a minimum of six months, must be made within a certain production area within the province of Cadiz, and must have at least 7 degrees of acidity. Sherry Vinegar is a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) vinegar which under European Union law, requires that Sherry Vinegar be produced using specific production methods and in the Cadiz region of Spain. Sherry Vinegar is one of only 3 vinegars in the world that share the PDO label.
The "Solera" and "Anada" systems are the two methods of maturation traditionally used within the production area for the Appellation of Origin "Vinegar de Jerez" to produce Sherry Vinegar. Essential in preparing marinades and salad dressings. Only a few drops are needed to get all the Sherry flavor. Only 7 percent acidity.

  • Brand: J.p.morilla
  • Country: Spain
  • Region: Jerez
  • Size: 6/25.4 OZ.
  • Age: 6 Months