Emiliani Balsamico Aceto

Item #: 201

Made according to historic customs and conforming to strict D.O.P. guidelines, traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena DOP is the most famous and precious vinegar that you can find. Each year grapes are harvested. Then the unfermented grape juice (the "must") is cooked over an open flame and carefully filters and rotates the concentrated vinegar from one increasingly smaller wood barrel to the next. These casks are stored in a vinegar loft (called an acataia) where for years, the vinegar continues to grow more complex. Also, by DOP law, before it is bottled, a panel of expert tasters must judge each lot of vinegar.

  • Brand: Emiliani
  • Country: Italy
  • Region: Modena
  • Size: 6/250 ml