Arborio Superfino Rice

Item #: 7405

Arborio Rice is short grain rice with a high starch content which yields the distinctive, creamy texture of risotto. Arborio rice falls into the category of "short-grained rice." This differentiates it from long-grained rice, such as the narrow grains of jasmine or basmati rice. Arborio rice is shaped more like a football, with a smooth, shiny exterior. Especially when making risotto, you want to seek out short-grain varieties of rice, like Arborio, as their high starch content will allow them to easily absorb liquid and give risotto its characteristic thick consistency. Arborio rice does not undergo as much milling as normal rice, which also helps to maintain its high starch content. Be sure not to rinse or wash Arborio Rice as that will eliminate its sticky, starchy qualities. Look for Superfino on the label, indicating the highest grade Arborio Rice.

  • Country: Italy
  • Region: Veneto
  • Size: 12/1 KG.