Kaaslands Kanaal

Item #: 8366

Kanaal is crunchy, butterscotch, salty-sweet cheese.  The Older Kanaal gets, the more deliciously dense & fudgy it becomes.  It is known as a Proosdij style cheese.  Proosdij is a firm style of washed-curd cheese made very similarly to Gouda using specific combinations of mixed-strain starter cultures.  The cheese develops aroma, flavor, and texture profiles with characteristics a cross between Gouda & Parmesan cheeses. This also includes the satisfying crunchiness of increasing amounts of tyrosine crystals that form with age along with more sweet, fruity, toasted caramel and bouillon flavors than Gouda.  Proosdijs have lower butterfat in dry matter that the required 45% for official Gouda status.  

  • Style: Gouda
  • Country: Holland
  • Size: CW 22 #
  • Age: 1 Year
  • Texture: Hard