Toma Piemontese

Item #: 5502

Toma Piemontese is a cows milk, cylindrical shaped, semi-cooked cheese produced in the Piemonte region of North West Italy. It is one of the oldest cheeses produced in Italy as it dates as far back as the Roman Empire. The term "Toma" is a name attributed to a specific style of semi-hard Italian cheeses from the Aosta Valley and Piemonte. Toma Piemontese is the only DOP certified cheese. It is made from the milk of two consecutive milking, making this a very rich and buttery cheese, with a smooth pale yellow pate. Two varieties of this cheese are produced. One is produced entirely from whole milk while the other is produced from skim milk and are either soft or semi-hard. The semi-hard versions of this cheese are more popular. It possesses many of the characteristics that most mountain cheeses posses; a slightly sweet and mild flavor as the cheese is young and a full and nutty flavor as the cheese ages.

  • Country: Italy
  • Region: PIEMONTE
  • Size: CW 2/6#
  • Special Order: Yes