Rond du Cher Origin

Item #: 22029

Rond du cher (Pasteurized Selles sur Cher) A disk shaped, ash ripened goat cheese has bright minerally flavors and a grassy finish. As with the entire Origin line, Rond du Cher is made with the same AOC milk and the same process as a Selles sur Cher. 

It hails from the goat fields around the Loire River in central France. The light dusting of ash on these small discs attracts beneficial mold, protecting the subtle, gentle interior of the cheese. Mild, milky and creamy with hints of citrus.  This soft creamy goat cheese is mild when young, sharper, and more pungent as it ages. A very interesting cheese as it ages and is great to experience at all points in its life span. This cheese is covered with ash, but it doesn't affect the flavor.

  • Brand: Jacquin
  • Country: France
  • Region: Loire
  • Size: 6/150 GR.
  • Special Order: Yes