Testun Foglie di Castagno

Item #: 5491

This farmstead cow’s milk cheese from Beppino Occelli is aged a year and a half and wrapped in chestnut leaves, keeping the cheese moist and imparting a heady aroma and sweet flavor. The paste is firm with a crumbly texture, and an earthy aroma gives way to a sweet, nutty, slightly musty flavor. Inspired by the pastoral heritage of his home region of Piemonte, Occelli started out by producing his now famous butter in 1976 using milk from cows grazing on the alpine meadows. Since then, he has a developed a line of remarkably unique farmstead cheeses that are unmistakably “Occelli,” using the best quality alpine milk. 


  • Country: Italy
  • Region: Piedmonte
  • Size: CW 5 #
  • Mixed Type: Cow
  • Age: 1 Year